When people ask me about when I started down this path as a Transformational Healer, I have to start back at the beginning of my life. You see, we all have a divine purpose and it’s the culmination of our life experiences that mold who we are and bring us into the now that we are currently in.


My path as a Transformational healer began when….

As a young girl experiencing psychological, physical and sexual abuse and manipulation, I started out this journey in extreme pain and suffering. As I grew into my mid-teens, the belief of a distant omniscient and all punishing God became the ever-prevailing voice and labyrinth set as the primary navigator within my own mind.

My first experience with hope and courage was the day I ran away from home and months later seeing how my academics soared as a result. Maybe I was capable of more than what I had experienced up to that point.

For the next two or three years I would live out of my car and with friends. At 18 I had my first NDE (near death experience) while hemorrhaging during a miscarriage and would experience my second one during my pregnancy with my son. When I was pregnant a second time and began bleeding again is when I was diagnosed with Endometriosis and cystic fibrosis. The doctor that was caring for me recommended that I consider an abortion because the risk of my death was high, and he gave my son a 20% chance of living with high risk of severe learning disabilities and the possibility of being blind.

Regardless of the risk of my own death, I could not bear the weight of taking my son’s life. Doing what he knew to do and after expressing to me that I was clearly a fool, my doctor had me transferred out of the hospital immediately. I would later find out that I was transferred to one of the best NICU's around. After understanding the risk of death and agreeing not to sue the hospital, they put me on toxic doses of magnesium, slowing my contractions and also slowing my heart rate. The only thing I clearly remember from that is when the nurses and doctors came in, shined lights in my eyes, checked my reflexes and mentioned something about blood poisoning. I remember feeling very relaxed and knew that I was dying. In that moment, I was at peace with what was and gave in to the pull of death.

I’m not sure how long I was gone for. I only remember brief moments of the days that followed. I remember my water breaking, fever setting in and then hearing the one single cry of my son before the nursing staff incubated him for the next two and a half months. He came out at 1lb, 10oz at 6:16 pm. He became my miracle.   

Those two experiences had a profound shift in my awareness that changed me forever. It would be another 10 years before I would fully process my NDE’s and begin to heal the deepest wounds inside myself.

After my NDE’s, my curiosity with spirituality and the metaphysical world grew exponentially. To this day, I have the feelings and the images seared into my being. Bearing witness to all of creation, experiencing the connection to everything and everyone, meeting my creator and Jesus Christ. All in one moment, I understood the simplicity of what we are here to do and the message of Jesus became all I wanted to focus on. I finally saw and understood my purpose.

I remember when I was in the presence of my creator and Jesus, I suddenly knew what he was speaking of in the gospels. It was so simple, and I saw that we had complicated things so much. It’s all about love. Healing happens through love. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you came from, what you did or what religion you are in or not in. This is all about love, connection, and healing. This is about experiencing life in it’s fullest and richest form.

From that experience birthed “Journey To You, path to the sacred heart”.

With my heart set on making a difference in people's lives through personal transformation, I set out on a journey to be of service to all those that are open and ready.

After receiving my License in Massage Therapy, I went on to further my education and studies in Biofeedback, Reiki, Quantum Mechanics, Neuroplasticity of the brain, Epigenetics and Polychromatic Light Therapy. 

I understand that for lasting transformation to occur, we need to address healing on all levels. There is a bridge that connects the mind, body and spirit, and each one of these needs attention and care.

My commitment is to you. Whether you are experiencing a chronic condition or if you are looking for a deeper meaning and purpose in your life, I will be here to walk that path with you. My passion is empowering people to live their highest potential and I believe that building a community of support through collaboration and connection is the fundamental key to a fulfilled life. You are not alone and you do not have to navigate this by yourself.



Desire to experience...

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