Feeling is the Secret

Many of you have come to a place in your life where you are being given a choice on how you want to live. You may be feeling at a loss as to what to do next and even are wondering how your life got like this. The struggle that you have been feeling is the tug from your soul to steer you and bring you into alignment with who you truly are.

The days of living in your old paradigms are falling away and you are being asked to live more presently and to get very clear as to what you really want. Each one of you has a purpose to fulfill in this lifetime and if you are not clear on what that is, take the time now to sit and center yourself in your heart space. Physically place your palms on your chest and begin to breathe. This action will bring you back to your own essence so that you can get clear guidance from your higher selves. The I Am that is in all things lies within this space and it is here that you will begin to see your highest calling.

Ask yourself these things;

What is it that brings me child-like joy? What feeling essence do I want to experience in my life?

Get as detailed as you possibly can and know that this vision will shift and transform over time. The point is to get it out and to become clear. Once you become clear, go back and begin to visualize what it would feel like if you already were doing what it is that you want to do and what you want to bring in your life. Even if you aren’t completely sure right now, that is ok, you are still moving the energy. Play with it and have fun. The whole purpose for coming here is to realize who you already are as divine creations of the I AM and to experience life in all its forms. To heal yourselves and to bring healing and light to others in whatever form that wishes to be expressed through your soul at this time.

Begin to play with this feeling essence every day as though you already have what it is that you want. Live each day and with each moment in gratitude for what you have now and where you are right now, for as you do this you are opening yourself to a state of receptivity. Each of you are co-creators within this reality and this is how the law of attraction works. As you align with the frequency (the feeling essence) of what it is that you desire, what you desire will show up.

Many religions speak about the time when there will be a new heaven and a new earth. The shifts in your perception, the pull of your soul and the new awareness that is coming forth is what is bringing us into that space at this time. “For you yourselves know that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night” This is the time that our ancestors were speaking of. The Christ consciousness is the shift that is happening within each of your hearts. It is neither here, nor there. It is within, for you are the temple of the Holy Spirit and it is within your heart where the I Am resides. Center yourself within your heart space, and you will know.

We want you to know that this exercise should not be used to stuff the discomfort of what is coming up to be released. Many of you think that negative feelings are bad and while they are uncomfortable, they are actually quite necessary. These unwanted experiences are there as an internal GPS showing you what is no longer working for you. Being spiritual doesn’t mean that you will not experience loss, suffering or pain and it doesn’t mean that you are not spiritual enough when you do experience these emotions. This is not something to try to stuff and hide. The greatest deception of the ego is that experiencing pain, suffering or loss is bad. This false perception is what has isolated each of you for so long. Instead of stuffing the undesired emotions and experiences, allow yourselves to sit in them. Allow yourself to experience these emotions to their fullest form. This will be painful, but in doing this you are validating your own experiences. This validation is what allows the release to happen. Allowing your emotions to express fully releases the clutter and opens your vessel to allow for what is desired to be actualized.

What you are seeking, is seeking you.

As the energy comes full circle and brings us back to ourselves, a deeper shedding of what no longer serves is taking place with this full moon.

We are being pulled deep into the past wounds that have been held within the root chakra. This is where our primal instincts lie for survival and safety. Basic needs such as food, shelter, sleep and even the identity of self, are all held here. What triggers have come up for you lately? The things that are bubbling up to the surface right now is what your higher self is asking you to let go of, so you can make room for the higher frequency that is coming through at this time. It may seem that everything is happening all at once; like we’re getting hit harder than ever before from all directions. Relationships of all forms, finances and life purpose are the three major triggers coming up for so many of us.

I’ve been doing my own inner work and notice that with every release comes new insights and new clarity. The old paradigms that I have shed have made the space for something new to come through. Some time ago, I started receiving information through channeling. Channeling is not anything that I’ve ever put much stock into and as a matter of fact, it’s something I’ve rolled my eyes at more than just a few times. I didn’t understand it and certainly was quite the skeptic. Since it didn’t happen very frequently for me, I could easily ignore it or pass it off as a strange anomaly. These past few weeks have been much more intense though and I’m realizing that the messages I am channeling are something I need to share as they’re not just for me.

Yesterday, I was on my way to a client (it always seems to happen when I’m driving or taking a shower) and a message came through that I would like to share as I know this is meant for someone questioning their own gifts.

Your gifts come directly from the I AM and there is no need for an intermediary to relay those messages such as the perception of deceased loved ones or Ascended Masters unless you choose. Your perception of your source is based on a false sense of a need to belong or an expectation that messages received will look like that of those around you or those that have preceded you. Let go of the false cloak, perception, and mask that is not yours, for you are creating these masks based on your own perception of lack. The feeling of discomfort and awkwardness in your healing work comes from these masks that your ego has created. Your healing work and purpose is not meant to flow through the form in which you have attempted to stuff yourself in. This is why you are confused. We will show you the form in which you have come to express as you shed the expectation that the form will look like those around you. Do not fear that your soul’s language does not look like others for you have come to bring a vibration and frequency in a predetermined way that is new. The guides and teachers that have come before you are only a foundation and example and have their own specific frequencies. Your greatest teacher and guide are the inner pull of your soul. Be still and you will know. Ask, and you will receive. Your soul has come to pave a new way. That way is the frequency that only you can bring. The confusion comes from the ego that believes that love can only be received if it looks like this or like that. Many like yourself create these masks based on fear, and that becomes the chain that binds and limits the highest form of healing coming through. Step into love and open to your heart because that will be your greatest teacher and guide. No one can teach you the language of your soul but your own soul. Do not fear, for what you are releasing is making room for that which you seek.”

Journey To You Project

The Philippines has become the outsourcing capital of the world, but at what cost?

As a small business owner just starting out, I followed some important advice about hiring a Virtual Assistant to help manage my tasks and marketing strategies. This is not an unusual step to take that even a small budget company can afford. The combination of affordable labor and specialized skills has created an incredible demand around the world for this industry. I for one, was thrilled that even with my limited resources, I could afford to get some much-needed guidance and assistance.

About a month into my business relationship with my VA, I noticed that while I had made multiple payments for her services, she still hadn’t gotten paid. After investigating it further, I found that the “terms and conditions” made it all too convenient to withhold the funds for a long period of time and for any reason, sometimes not paying them at all. I noticed that there were many complaints about the treatment of the employees/contractors of these outsourcing companies, and they are all much the same. The “fees” and fines that are placed on the employees made it even more alarming when I found out the already small rate I was paying was reduced even further to an unfathomable and unsustainable income. Completely appalled by the treatment that my VA was receiving, I decided to terminate the contract and invite her to work for me directly.

Unfortunately, the treatment that my VA is receiving from her outsourcing employer is common and an epidemic in these impoverished countries. Everything from poor ventilation in the office to fines up to half a day’s wage for anything that is deemed as a mistake or undesirable by the “monitors” that watch their every move and read all their communications with their coworkers and clients.

After much contemplation, I spoke to both my VA and Graphic Designer about how we can create a movement and shift for their people. We decided to begin a project that will create sustainable and fair job opportunities for the Filipino people. We will;

  1. Create a safe space for the Filipino people to work.
  2. Provide the equipment that is necessary for them to do their jobs well.
  3. Set up proper management that will ensure that the employees are being treated fairly and paid accordingly.

I am so excited to announce the opening of the non-profit “Lightweavers Garden”! This gives us an incredible opportunity to lock arms and create something that will change so many lives. Your financial gift will be a big help in reaching our goal. There are several ways to give, all of which will be tax deductible for you.

These services will bring so much joy and vast opportunities for the Filipino people to not just survive; They can finally THRIVE. Together we are transforming lives and building a brighter future for all. Thank you so much for your generous support!



Diana Marraccini
President of
Lightweavers Garden Inc.



Letting Go of Belief And Embracing The Knowing Within

Today was my last day being employed by someone else. It’s scary and exciting all at one time. As I take a leap off of that preverbal cliff and embrace the unknown, I am filled with a child-like giddy excitement as if it were Christmas day. I have had this inner pull and longing inside my heart for so many years and it’s finally here.

My absolute joy and pleasure in life is when I see others realize their own divine light and open to embracing all that is possible for them. It becomes a ripple effect that reaches the depth and width of the collective heart.

As I sit here writing this, I am brought back to something I wrote about responsibility that I feel the need to share with you now:

Responsibility as the Seer

As each of us awaken to our true essence and remember who we are, we are gifted with responsibility, not only to ourselves, but also to the collective. We become the seers into worlds beyond the grasp of the 5 senses. As we begin to walk down the path as the seers, we are gifted with an inner knowing that brings about responsibility. Responsibility is the bringing forth of the ability to respond with a focused presence and consideration of our own personal and authentic truth with each presented choice, knowing that a ripple effect is created that begins to signal others to their own awakening. Responsibility is the subtle shift and alignment with your higher self that ignites within you a longing and pull to a purpose greater than the self. It is the consideration of the collective knowing that it starts with falling in love with, the “I AM” that is the real you. It is the following of your inner guidance.

I am awake. Therefore, my responsibility in life is my commitment to practicing presence and responding to my presented choices in a way that is authentic and true to my inner guidance. My responsibility to the collective is to practice giving and receiving and to making myself available, to be present, to truly see each of you and hear your truths. It is a commitment that aligns me in such a way that I present my best and highest self to the rest of the world and creates a ripple effect within each of you to do the same.

For many years, I have known my purpose and had this inner longing to step out, but I didn’t know how. The fear of failure, humiliation and of proving those that have spoken out against me right; has held me down just enough to just play at the edge of the cliff and not ever really jump off. My past experiences became the voice in my head telling me that I will fall, and that the idea of my purpose is only a wish and fantasy that will never actualize. That voice became the chains that bound me to a cycle of giving away my personal power and I became a prisoner of my own mind.

It wasn’t until I experienced that “dark night of the soul” that I saw that I really did have a choice. I could choose to remain a prisoner of my own mind, always worrying about what might or might not happen, or I could choose to let go and follow my inner guidance without hesitation. It was a choice that I had to make and commit to. It’s the letting go of belief and stepping into knowing. I don’t just believe my truth anymore, I know it. It’s a practice that I choose to show up for every single day and in every single moment.

My question for you today is; what is it that you hold dear to your heart that you have been too scared of letting out? What beliefs are you holding onto that keep you from your knowing and actualization?

We are in a time where going it alone is no longer an option. The only way that we can change this world is to open our hearts to ourselves and to one another. You are not alone, and you do not have to navigate this by yourself.





The New Normal

Our hearts are opening and the life we were once so familiar with is beginning to become a distant memory; almost a dream. As technology advances, as our Universe expands and as time seems to be passing at such a great speed, the unmistakable call to slow down in new ways is pressed upon each of us now. When we think back to our childhood, we remember how slow life used to be. We didn’t have computers that fit into the palm of our hands and the idea that we could place a call from these tiny smart devices would have sounded like something out of Star Trek. Life is so different now. The demand to produce more, faster, is a lesson (almost seems purposefully set in motion) to teach us something and to awaken us to the truth of ourselves. This longing that has sparked within each of us has begun an internal dialogue, maybe even an internal struggle of wanting and needing something much more. With all this technology that brings us unlimited knowledge, bridging cultures and worlds, we have never felt more alone and more isolated. What a beautiful disaster this is!

This is a dualistic reality, so with that rule in mind, you cannot have one without the other. We cannot know connection without first knowing separation. We cannot know compassion and love without cruelty and hate. Every experience is meant to teach us something. Everything that we experienced in the past is still what we experience now only at a faster and more intense way. Segregation, prejudice, racism; acceptance, love, tolerance; oppression, abuse, anger; democracy, empathy, compassion and understanding. We experience all these things all the time, in an over-exposed way and it’s pressing us to shift in a big way; Like labor pains nearing a birth. As this intensifies collectively and individually, we birth a new era and new consciousness, “As within, so without”. Religions speak of a rapture coming like a thief in the night to take up the chosen ones. That rapture and thief in the night isn’t a savior in the sky, it’s the awakening and opening of our hearts and the collective heart. It’s living Christ- consciousness, right here right now. It’s heaven on earth and we have the free will to choose to live it.

The discord and unsettling that we feel inside is the gentle opening and call of the sacred heart. It’s telling us to pay attention and listen. Each of us is more powerful than we realize. We are created in God’s image and everything that we need is inside us right now. We are the temples; we don’t have to go to a temple. We are powerful beyond measure and are in a time where we are invited to remember who we are as divine co-creators. Sit and listen. What is your heart saying? What are your greatest desires, joy and passion? The things that bring you joy and passion is your calling; it is your purpose. The new normal, is a gentle shift moving you into your heart space. Be present and listen. The magic is real, and you must pay attention to experience it. This new era is the Journey To You, The Path to your sacred heart. The mind/ego thinks of the self, of lack and survival, and the heart thinks of abundance and how to help the entire world. Instead of focusing on the perceived apocalypse here to destroy us all, center yourself within your heart and remember who you are.

Daily Gratitude

The fundamental part of the message that I wish to bring to my community is that healing happens through Love, Connection and Collaboration. As I step out and begin my journey creating a space that represents this very thing, I am met with such a beautiful embrace from so many amazing people. The way that you have all stepped in to walk with me, arm in arm, offering words of encouragement and even gentle assistance in getting me out there has truly touched my heart.

Just as I partner with my clients, family and friends to bring them into their highest potential, I have also been met with incredible people willing to share their experiences, tips and time in order to facilitate my own transformation.

Thank you all for your love, support and encouragement to get me through these “on-camera-jitters”. I know that as I brave the unknown, the uncomfortable, and my deepest fears (False Evidence Appearing Real) this “unconsciously gives other people permission to do the same” As Marianne Williamson states so beautifully, “As we are liberated from our own fears, our presence automatically liberates others.”

I am currently updating the content on my website to reflect the beauty of connection and collaboration. I will be adding a page called, “Meet my Team” so you can meet the wonderful people helping me behind the scenes. Their story is incredible and I truly believe that what we are creating together will change the world.

Keep in touch with me at www.journeytoyou.life, FacebookPinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram for new and exciting opportunities and projects that you can be part of.

To Everything, There Is A Season

What is our emotional rollercoasters telling us? What is their purpose?


From a very young age we may have been taught that our emotional lows, our sadness, our grief, or the moods that we experience are a negative thing. As a culture here, we seem to have an extreme amount of pressure on us to always show that we are happy, upbeat and peppy. When we may be experiencing something very different inside.

Growing up as a female, there seems to be a negative connotation around our mood swings. In fact, it has become such normal view toward the female cycle as being something unwanted, dreaded, even suppressed with Birth control or Anti-depressants.

I never really paid attention to the cycle of my emotions until much later in my adult life and found it very frustrating that every few weeks I would begin that ever-dreaded emotional rollercoaster. Why can’t I just be happy and at the top of my game all the time? We spend so much time fighting the natural cycle of life; does anyone stop and wonder if there is a purpose for it?

“With everything, there is a season.” That is part of the ebb and flow of life. This applies to everyone and everything. We have been given this incredible gift and opportunity to experience these emotions and there is a very specific purpose to it.

For men, our culture has made it tough by saying that if you show emotion, you are weak. To be considered a man, by cultural, societal, and religious standards, you must be direct, confident and without any emotion that may identify you as being weak minded.

What we have done by suppressing our emotions has been the very thing that keeps us from becoming our greatest selves. Suppressing the unwanted emotions that arise blocks us from reaching our highest potential by holding us hostage from the thing that is meant to free us.

I have the thought that when we go through these emotional lows (men and women alike), they are pointing to the circumstances in our life where we need to focus our attention to bring about a shift. Before you blame your hormones or depression as something to be medicated, ask yourself what your emotions are trying to tell you. What is it in your life that needs some attention or what circumstance in your life needs to be addressed? Allow yourself the freedom and grace to sit in it for a time so you can identify what you are being called to shift and heal. Maybe there is something out of alignment with your highest good. Maybe there is something you need to say for a deeper peace and freedom to enter your life. Maybe there is something that you need to do, some action step that you have over looked or have ignored and now is the opportunity to address it, so you can create space for more abundance. We are such powerful, creative nurturers and we have been designed in such a way that allows us to release and move through our challenges. There will be a time when we have more energy, when we feel at the top of our game, when we accomplish more; and there is a time for us to rest, to go internal so that we can identify the challenges that we are ready to move through and release.

If you have noticed that you seem to be in this emotional low for an extended period, ask yourself what you have been holding onto. I am in no way telling you not to get help through the form of medication and supplements if there is a chemical imbalance. What I am saying is that there may be something that we haven’t dealt with (including our diet) that we are holding onto that is not allowing us to experience the inner peace and freedom we deserve.

It also may be that we have created this pattern of negative thinking we know as “monkey brain” and need to create new neuropathways that will help bring us into the life we really want to live. So, if you find yourself in that “moody” state, take some time for self-nurturing and begin to ask yourself the questions that will help you identify what your body is telling you.

Journey To You

Journey To You

Are you ready for transformation? In partnership, you and Diana will walk that path together to open that sacred space within your heart so that you remember who you are as a divine creation and begin to live your highest potential. Using a combination of healing modalities such a Massage, Intuitive Energy Work Therapy, Sound Therapy, BioSET/Biofeedback Therapy and Polychromatic Light therapy, we can begin the journey together.

The Bridge

Journey To You

The Hrit is the bridge between the lower Chakras and the upper Chakras. This is the Spiritual heart. When the Hrit is open it nlocks the truth of your inner being, your passion and your greatest joy. Your deepest longing, is honored through the bridge from the lower Chakras to the upper, allowing Kundalini to rise within and in turn you realize your greatest creative potentials and experience heaven on earth.